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Our goal at Prism Dynamics is to engage in a conversation around health and wealth. Impact your life and generations to come!

Triathlon Lifestyle

  • Super Sprint & Short Course 
    • Move 30-60 min/day
    • Focus on longer Sat/Sun workouts of 1-2 hrs
  • Olympic
    • Move 1-2.5 hrs/day
    • Focus on longer weekend workouts of 1.5-3 hrs
  • 70.3 & Ironman
    • Move 3-5 hrs/day
    • Focus on longer weekend workouts of 5-10 hrs

Wealth Lifestyle

  • Mental Strength
    • Evaluate of where you have been and what future you would like to create
    • Meditation techniques to overcome perceived limitations
  • Physical Abilities
    • Earn fitness by consistent practice and smart recovery
    • Cross training to maintain balance within your major and minor muscle groups


Take advantage of a variety of services offered to help guide you along your journey in the sport of Triathlon, including:

  • Training Plan Development – Race specific or general health & wellness
  • 1-on-1 Triathlon Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Group Discussions – Focusing on relevant health and wellness topics

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