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Tri! Grandma! Tri!


Thank you for reading a rough draft of my upcoming children’s book. The goal is to produce night time stories that caregivers can use to connect with children. I am interested in any feedback you may have, good, bad and ugly; anything that helps to sharpen the sword.

  1. Are you interested in reading a Triathlon (health & wellness) inspired series with your young kids
  2. On average, how much do you spend on children’s books?
  3. Would you spend more for a packaged series of 3~5 books?
  4. Any other thoughts are welcome.

Enjoy the first draft !_! 

The sun kisses the face of each athlete, as if to energize and prepare them for the task at hand.  Maria is ready, arms outstretched to acknowledge the incoming rays.  She takes in one last deep breath to calm the nerves and dives in.  One two three, breathe to the right.  One two three, breathe to the left.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Gasping for air, and the pool deck in front of her, she pulls herself to the wall and pauses for a moment.  “This is it!  What did I get myself into?  No turning back now!  Lord give me the strength!”

The crowd is electric on this early Sunday morning.  Hands clapping, voices shouting, bodies dancing to the beats blaring from the DJs boom boxes.  No one is more enthusiastic than Mae, Maria’s granddaughter.  “Tri! Grandma! Tri!” she shouts into the wavy pool,  “Tri! Grandma! Tri!”  Maria dips underneath the lane ropes and continues to address the task at hand.

Some would ask, why choose a sport that starts with a paralyzing fear she has held since childhood, swimming?  Why choose a sport that is actually three sports cleverly masked as one?  Why Tri?

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