Tri Ghana

AKWAABA – Translation: You are welcome!

This was the first word I read as I disembarked from the plane in 1998, first of many visits to my father’s home land – Accra, Ghana. AKWAABA, what could that mean? It was so prominent on a large wall in the airport, I thought it must be an important message to incoming travelers. I was right! Little did I know that this welcoming mindset permeates through all I would interact with on my journey that summer; from immediate family, the local cab or bus driver, and market hagglers alike. Everyone welcomes a visit from their brothers and sisters. It is this connection that I would like others to experience, one that has linked me to my great grandfather in Africa. What experiences will you take away from your visit?

We invite you to experience the African Triathlon Lifestyle in Ghana, West Africa. Email us at to obtain more information.

Would you like the opportunity to showcase your health while traveling to a historic yet modern African country?

Set your calendars to Nov 10, 2018. The Ghana Triathlon Federation is holding its annual championship triathlon event and you are invited!

Join Prism Dynamics for a 10 day excursion through the central capital of Accra. We will explore the city’s budding Triathlon Scene, Culinary Authenticity, Cultural Heritage, and Modern Nightlife.

We will also visit the local Tri club -TBD- and offer donations of suitable training gear for the region.

Top reason’s people visit Africa:
1. You have an event or purpose driving you
2. You know a knowledgeable connection on the continent
3. You have money to spend on the excursion
4. You have time (which is really a substitute for commitment)
5. You donate to efforts that help the wellbeing of others

Change the Prism of your thinking and you will change the Dynamics of your life!

We cater to all so if you are moved by the journey, and not the triathlon lifestyle, we can still accommodate you. Please reach out for more info.

By embarking on this journey, you will be taking steps to train your mental, physical and financial well being. This in turn will inspire future generations to live healthy and wealthy.

Email us at to obtain more information.

Nii Teiko Aryee